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Leading people and managing teams since 1993, I've come to realize that no one is successful alone.  Everyone needs someone to help build their confidence - someone to listen and help work through challenges. 

I'm from the midwest and graduated from Marquette University with a degree in Civil Engineering.  My early leadership experience was in the Marine Corps as a career infantry officer where I served around the world, leading Marines in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as through countless training programs and multi-national exercises.  Retiring from active service in 2013, I’ve worked in companies that provide design, service and equipment in the environmental services where I've served as a project manager, sales and engineering leader ever since.

Throughout all these growing experiences, I enjoyed being that person - the one who encourages others and helps them become successful. 

For me, success looks like this:  

Get to know my colleagues, understand their goals, start on the path to achieving them, then grow the relationship.  ~ Mike

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