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Hint:  It has to do with developing your managers ...

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  • A well led team gets more done

  • A team with good leadership has lower turnover and higher enthusiasm

  • To prepare for promotion, you need to demonstrate the leadership qualities of the next level in your current role

  • Good leaders know how to spot other good leaders as well as those with high leadership potential

  • Leadership development takes time - get started now

  • Everyone benefits from a coach or mentor to talk with them about leadership

  • New leaders NEED someone talking to them about their leadership style

  • People respect and are more successful with good leaders

  • Mid and senior level leaders encounter complex problems every day - sharing experiences is a must to develop tools to deal with them

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“Leadership is influence”

John C. Maxwell

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We will meet your needs - individual coaching or across your organization.  Virtual sessions are the most common, but if needed on site, let's discuss.  One-hour coaching sessions - or longer if you need with flexible times.

I want to help - you tell me the best way to do that!  Contact me at or by signing up as a member of this site in the menu.

Discovery is important, so we'll discuss your situation, determine your needs and come up with a plan together. 

If you have people you'd like me to work with on your team, I'll write a proposal based on our discovery session at no cost.  During this session, it's important to know how your team is organized, its goals, challenges, and what you want to see changed.

Drop an email on one of the "contact" links, and tell me what you're up against ...

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Leadership can be lonely.  

That is normal when you are responsible for everything people do or fail to do.  You have to create some distance between you and your team.  This makes it hard to share your concerns and ideas as there may not be anyone to do that with.

That is why you have a coach.

An experienced leader outside your organization who is solely dedicated to you and helping you navigate the emotions of leading people.  And leading people IS emotional.  If you don't have anyone to talk to about leadership, I'd love to be that person for you.

What would your team's production look like if you improved their efficiency by just 10% through better leadership?  A team of 5 people would gain an additional 20-hours of productivity per week.  If that sounds theoretical, consider what your team is spending their time on now...

We can quickly improve 10% with some basics for your team - clarifying team goals and people's responsibilities should do that.  And that's just the start.

Organizations always need a pool of leaders and potential leaders to grow.  You need to prepare for the next level of leadership.  You may not be thinking of it now, but you need to be ready for the next promotion opportunity.  Think like the leader above you - ideally 2 levels up.  I'll help you with that as well.

Your people need you to be a good leader

Their lives depend on you.  People spend most of their lives in work environments - most of their time with leaders like you!  That is a lot of responsibility.  Make all that time worth it - for you, them and for your entire organization.

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Want to talk about how we might work together to achieve your goals?  Please submit a brief description of your situation, and we'll get together on phone or video conference.  Evening and weekends available.  Thanks!


Thanks for submitting!

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